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Photographer Bob Sala and Berlin Artist Lea Naumann spent one night back in the Jet Age for us, residing at the Pan Am Lounge Berlin and capturing the funky yet sophisticated sensibilities of the 1960s.

The lounge, a "Swinging Sixties" time capsule, sits on the penthouse floor of the Eden Haus near Tiergarten. During the sixties the complex used to be West Berlin's place where Pan Am's Pilots and Stewardesses would come to unwind. Many of them had apartments in the building.

Nowadays the lounge functions as an event location for corporate receptions and weddings, but also as a set for movie and photo productions. 10 years ago actress Natascha Bonnermann discovered the place and restored it, detail for detail, so its former "James Bond, Aspen-chic-aesthetic" glory.

Bob waited for a very special occasion to work with Lea and he know right after finding this location, that she would be the perfect talent for this 60s inside job.

September 26th, 1964


Bob Sala


Lea Naumann


Pan Am Lounge​

Budapester Str. 43,

10787 Berlin


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